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 Silk Persian Rug 6314

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 Silk Persian Rug 6314

Silk Persian Rug 6314 is a Blue Persian rug  with margins of purple color and is a property of EPERSIANRUG company and a Persian rug with size 102 by 156 cm. The material is silk. This interesting design carpet is hand knotted Persian rug. Sku number is 6314. This fantastic and beatiful rug is a Qum Persian rug



Size (CM) 102 x 156
SKU Number


Color Blue
Hand-knotted Yes
Material Silk

Qum Silk Persian rugs 

In Qum or Qom, as in other parts of Iran, carpet weaving and wool carpets have been widespread in the past but have no independent design and motif. Qom has long been a host city for people who have migrated to various parts of Iran or other countries. Most of the old carpets of Qom were woven by the same immigrants on the basis of the usual motifs of their homeland. Qom carpet weaving, or what is now known as Qom silk carpet, is due to the efforts of immigrants who have migrated to Qom from other areas of Iranian carpet weaving, such as Kashan and Isfahan, over the past 50 years. Qom does not have a specific carpet design and Qom weavers and artisans with artistic interference in other areas of Iranian carpet weaving produce attractive and eye-catching products that, due to beautiful designs, use fine silk and fine texture, over time. 

Dimensions 102 × 156 cm


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