Hand Knotted Persian Rugs

Hand Knotted Persian Rugs are in our online shop in Iran. We have the most extensive collection of Persian rugs in our online shop or your review.

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If you have any question , Please let us know. The design of our Persian rugs include:

Afshan Persian rugs, Raver Persian rugs , Shahabbasi Persian rugs , Qum Persian rugs , Kheshti Persian rugs , Heris Persian rugs , Frame design , …

Frame design is a rug that squares of equal size repeats all around it,  .  Inside each of the squares are woven various roles such as tree, flower and plant, face of persons or animals and so on.  The project is mostly woven in the four districts of Bakhtiari, Qomsheh, Qom and western parts of Iran.  In Kerman, this is called a parliamentary plan
Framed Designs
 The textures of the rug are lined with geometric shapes, squares, and rhombs, and within each of these houses are carved patterns such as flower pots, beetles, flower shoots, trees such as cedar and willow, birds, and so on.  Each house is distinctive in form and content from the adjacent house, these designs are called a frame design.  In this design, the carpet text has regular and irregular polygons.  Its most famous designs are the Quranic frame, Bakhtiari frame, picture frame, Islamic frame, and so on. 

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