Silk carpet

Silk Carpet

Silk carpet is the finest carpet in the world.

If you are going to buy a high quality silk rug , we would recommend you to buy Qum or  Qom  Silk rugs.

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Qum or Qom Silk carpet 

Qom carpet or Qum carpet is one of the light urban carpets that is woven in Qom region located in Qom province in central Iran. In this carpet, an asymmetrical knot with cotton and silk or silk and wool is used. Bergamot and tree are common designs and red, blue, yellow,  brown and cream are the common colors of Qom carpets.

Tabriz carpets 

The raw materials used in the weaving of Tabriz carpets are cotton, wool and silk.  Cotton is used for weft and  wool for warp . Tabriz carpets have a small pile height. Tabriz “silk weaving” carpets are among the best carpets in Iran.

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