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Handmade Persian Rug 9132

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Handmade Persian Rug 9132

Handmade Persian Rug 9132 is available in shop of  EPERSIANRUG company. It is a Blue Persian rug with size 420 by 307 cm. The material is pure sheep wool. This wonderful carpet is a hand knotted Persian rug and have a plain blue background design.  The Sku number is 9132.

 The design of this rug is Kerman Persian rug . This rug was weaved in Kerman city.


Size (CM)420 x 307
SKU Number



Dining room decoration with handmade Persian rug 9132:

This carpet has a plain blue background. 

This carpet has a high strength quality. So it is good to lay it on your busy rooms too. The area of this carpet is about 12 square meters. So it is relatively a big rug. This feature make it unique for people who want to show their home big. Because interior designers believe big carpets will make your home look big.So  thiis rule is fuctional for the people.

Another feature that you should take into account is the blue color of this rug. 

You can coordinate your room with the blue color of your carpet if you choose right colors.

The right colors are alot and we mention some of them to you. But you can choose other colors if you want.

My first suggestion is to select green colors for your sofa and interior decoration. Because green is a color that imparts a calm and confidence feeling to your home.

So it is the best choice for your dining room. 

Green is a color that matches the blue. Because both of these colors are considered as cold colors so it would a good idea to have and add some warm colors like red or yellow into your interior decoration design. Thus you will prevent your room seem boring and cold.




ابعاد420 × 307 سانتیمتر

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