Silk rug

Silk rug

Silk rug is the most expensive and certainly the most beautiful rug in the world. Qum rugs  are well known for their quality and designs. We have brought the best quality rugs in our online shop. 

Qum or Qom is a city near Tehran and is  famous for their carpets. We have gathered a special handmade persian rugs in our online store.  Please see below our best collection.

These carpets are woven with a large number of knots. The pattern on Qom carpets is very small and attracts the eyes of every viewer. These carpets are woven in different dimensions. Tabriz carpets are also considered as one of the best silk carpets in the world. If we want to name the famous motifs in Tabriz, we can refer to the role of .

Khatibi, Salari, Moj Mehr.

If the price of these rugs does not matter to you, it is better to use silk rugs to decorate the living room. The raw materials used are 100% pure silk. Up to 80% of Tabriz carpets are silk and the rest are wool. We sell the best silk carpets in the world and all our carpets have a warranty. These carpets are known all over the world and are authentic.

Guide to buy silk rug

To buy silk rugs, you should pay attention to the following points. The first thing to consider when buying is the number of knots per square inch or KSI. The more knots, the more exquisite the carpet is and therefore the more expensive it is. The second point is its size. These carpets are woven in small to large sizes. The larger the size of the carpet, the more expensive it is. The third point is motifs of the carpet. Carpets with new and modern motifs are more expensive than older motifs. The fourth point is the place to use these carpets. If you want to use these carpets in the living room, your type of decoration should be in co-ordination with the design and color of the carpets. Because the designs of these carpets are very small, try to choose other home furnishings with large designs. Because it creates a beautiful contrast.

We have the latest designs  for sale in our online store.  

What is Silk

Silk is one of the animal fibers and is used to produce beautiful, delicate and valuable handmade fabrics. A fiber is a protein obtained by freezing the substances secreted by silkworms and is composed of two parallel filaments bound together by a viscous substance called gum.

By constantly weaving this thread around itself, the silkworm forms a cocoon in which it is trapped and after a while it turns into a butterfly and comes out by piercing the cocoon. Silkworm breeders, after completing the cocoon and before the butterfly leaves, kill the worm in water at 60 ° C or with water vapor, and then classify the cocoons in terms of quality, and any part that has the same quality. To soften the gum, it is poured into a container containing hot water and after finding the fibers, it turns them into strands and then, by performing a special operation, turns the resulting strands into silk thread.

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