Blue Persian Rug 10456-2

Blue Persian Rug 10456

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Blue Persian Rug 10456

Blue Persian Rug 10456 is a property of EPERSIANRUG company and a Persian rug with size 104 by 104 cm. This rug is a square shape with equal width and length. The design of this rug is Paisley. The material of this carpet is pure wool. There are four Paisley designs in corner of this rug. The margins of the rug is red. This Blue patterned carpet is hand knotted Persian rug. Sku number is 10456. This rug is a  Nain Persian Rug. Nain rugs are famous for their design. Nain city is the center of carpet weaving in Iran.


Size (CM) 104x 104
SKU Number


Color Blue
Hand-knotted Yes
Material Wool
This blue Persian rug is well fitted with brown sofa and furniture to provide a friendly environment. The cushions can be blue to coordinate with your blue carpet. You can choose your curtains in brown color too. 
Living room is a place where family members meet each other in it every night. So we recommend you to create an energetic vibe in this room. To do so , you should be a little creative. I will tell you how to do it with this beautiful blue rug.
You can do it by selecting the right colors and combine them in a way that instill energy to your room. One of this magic colors is orange. Orange and blue are the colors that you can combine them to create a magic room. Choose your furniture and cushions in orange color and lay this blue rug at the center of your living room. 
With this color combination you will have your desired room.
Your furniture can be green too. Green and blue are cold colors . In the other hand green color makes you feel calm and peace. With this selection , blue rug and green furniture , you have created a happy living room.
This blue carpet has a wonderful motif and It has a quaint design.
At last it has an affordable price that makes it a good choice for you to buy it.
Dimensions 104 × 104 cm

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