Qum Persian rug

Qum Persian rug

Qum Persian  rug is one of the most beautiful carpets of Iran. This carpet definitely is best known for its use of silk in carpet texture.

If you are looking for a silk carpet for your living room, be sure to use the Qom silk rug. The elegance of Qum carpets is unique in the world. You can coordinate the very expensive silk carpet with your furniture to get the best out of your interior decoration.

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As we mentioned earlier, Qum carpet is best known for its silk carpet texture. Its texture is very fine. The colors used in this carpet are very varied. In other words, it is a colorful Persian rug.  That’s why you can choose your furniture and curtains in any color you want. It is one of the advantages of this carpet that you have many choices to choose your curtains and furniture in the color of your dreams. 

If you look to a silk carpet from the pile direction you see it darker than the opposite side. That is because of pile direction of the rug. Thus if you see it from the other side, it looks brighter.

The designs used in these carpets are unique. Many Qom carpet designers do not allow their carpets to be photographed. The reason is that they do not want their designs are copied by other competitors.

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