Handmade Persian Rug 7771

Handmade Persian Rug 7771


Handmade Persian Rug 7771

Handmade Persian Rug 7771 is a blue Persian rug. Blue color is on the margins of this carpet and black color is on the center of rug. You can notice purple, red and orange flowers  on this Qum silk carpet. 

This Persian rug is a Qum silk Persian rug with exquisite design. This blue Persian rug is available in our shop. It was woven and designed in Qum city, a well known city for weaving of best silk rugs in the world. If someone wants to buy a silk Persian rug, I recommend him to buy a Qum silk Persian rug

You see a Medallion design on the center of this carpet and many flowers around it.

This carpet is a high dense knot rug and is a high quality carpet. It is a Persian rug with size 136 by 217 cm. The material is pure silk. This blue color rug is a hand knotted Persian rug. Sku number is 7771. The design of this rug is flower motif and it is a Qum Persian rug


Size (CM) 136x 217
SKU Number


Color Blue
Hand-knotted Yes
Material silk

Qum city and its rugs:

Qum city is bounded on the north by Tehran province, on the east by Semnan province, on the south by Isfahan and central provinces, and on the west by the Markazi province. The province covers an area of ​​3.4 square kilometers and is the center and only city of Qum. The province has a dry climate, especially in the east. 
It is a rug with a lot of flowers with high diversity of colors on this rug. For this reason, you have many options to coordinate your interior decoration with it beautifully.
A green sofa with simple pattern is my idea. 
You can lay it on the center of your living room. Then array your sofa around it to show off this beatiful Persian rug.
Put a blue vase with purple flowers in it and adorn your dining table with it. Because you have purple flowers this cause you create a beatiful coordination in your dining room.
Dimensions 136 × 217 cm


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