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Handmade Persian Rug 5956

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Handmade Persian Rug 5956

Handmade Persian Rug 5956 is a brown Persian rug and is a property of EPERSIANRUG company. The motif of this rug is Tree design. This carpet is hand woven. This is a Persian rug with size 105 by 159 cm. The material is wool and silk. This Brown color rug is a hand knotted Persian rug. Sku number is 5956. This fabulous and tremendous carpet is Qum Persian rug .


Size (CM)105x 159
SKU Number


MaterialWool and silk
Since brown color is a warm one , you can use cool colors in your interior decoration like your dining table or your furniture to add some contrast in your home. 
In the other hand, use of green color in your decoration with this brown rug would make a beautiful and interesting vibe in your home.
For example:
You can buy green sofas and curtains and put this brown rug in center of your room. Then array the sofas around the rug. This evokes the nature environment. Green color cause you remember the green color of leaves and brown color resembles the body of trees. I would like to mention that the design of this rug is Tree. 
At last but not the least, you can combine other colors that you like with this brown rug that has a Tree design to create a fantastic decoration in your home. 
ابعاد159 × 105 سانتیمتر

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  1. Mehdi

    It is a good beatiful Persian rug

.فقط مشتریانی که این محصول را خریداری کرده اند و وارد سیستم شده اند میتوانند برای این محصول دیدگاه(نظر) ارسال کنند.

    سبد خرید
    سبد شما خالی استبرگشت به خرید