Brown Persian Rugs

Brown Persian Rugs

Brown Persian rugs are one of the most popular Persian rugs.  Beige or brown carpet is one of the most used carpets woven in Iran. At first you might think that brown is a dull color.

But we have some suggestions for you to make your living room look fabulous.

1- To create a different atmosphere or vibe, we recommend using blue color.  The combination of these two colors is excellent in interior decoration. Choose your furniture or cushions and curtain colors in blue or azure sky color. Since brown is a warm color and blue is a cold color, the use of these two colors creates a sense of trust.

2- Our next suggestion is to use white. The combination of white and brown in the interior design makes your home look modern. White contrasts with brown color. So the combination of these two contrasting colors is excellent in decoration.

So you can buy your furniture fabric in white.

3- The next color combination that is suitable for brown is the use of red and orange. The combination of these colors make your guest room full of energy.

You can buy your sofa or curtains in orange color. 

4- the next color combination that we recommend you is green color. The combination of brown and green is another option. The green color evokes the leaves of the trees and the brown color reminds the wood of the trees. Green is a cold color, and is in contrast to brown, so it creates a beautiful contrast vibe.

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