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Handmade Persian Rug 1842

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Handmade Persian Rug 1842

Handmade Persian Rug 1842 is a green Persian rug with a unique and special color that you can’t find anywhere. It is a silk Persian rug that is suitable for your dining room. This Green and red rug is available in stock of our shop. It was knotted in Qom or Qum city the most famous city for silk carpets. As you see in the pictures of this carpet , there are red and pink flowers has been woven on this rug. You can see three brown birds on the  branches. This carpet is a high quality rug and has fine knots. This is a Persian rug with size 88 by 60 cm. The material is silk. This green color rug is a hand knotted Persian rug. Sku number is 1842. The design of this rug is Qum Persian rug


Size (CM)88x 60
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Interior design tips for your home with

Handmade Persian Rug 1842:

Green is the color that is found the most in the nature. It is a color that imparts a sense of calm and peace to humans.
This green rug can be coordinated with orange color of your vase and cushions in your living room. This color combination certainty has many patrons among youths. Please Keep in mind not to use orange color too much. Because excessive use of orange will cause your interior decoration seem ugly. 
Green is a cold color and you can combine warm colors with this rug. 
Another color that we suggest you to use it is dark blue. 
You can buy your furniture in dark blue color and paint a wall of your room in dark blue.
You can choose your cushions in this color too. 
This will cause your green rug shine at the center of your home. 
However, you can also put a dark blue vase on your dining table with some green plants in it to coordinate it with your carpet. 
Our next suggestion is to use neutral colors.
Interior designers would like to use neutral colors like grey or white for sofas and curtains in conjunction with green color. 
An important tip is that combination of white or grey with color may cause your room seem boring and upset you after a while. Because green is cold color and white is neutral color. It would be the best to add some warm colors to your room to have a good balance in your home. One of the best ones is brown.
living room.

Where to use silk rugs in your home

Our next recommendation is to use this silk rug in a room that is not too much crowded. In the other words you should use these rugs in the rooms with little traffic. Because silk rugs may be damaged. Because they are soft and elegant , excessive walking on them may abrade them. 
Source: Namnak
ابعاد88 × 60 سانتیمتر

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