Green Persian Rug

Green Persian Rug

Green Persian rug is one of the most beautiful carpets.

Green Persian Rug 5747
Green Persian Rug 5747

Green is very suitable for study rooms. Because of its high energy and extreme comfort. You can change the library decoration color to green. Or use a green sofa in your study room, and while reading experience maximum peace.

Psychologists say that because green is made up of a combination of blue and yellow, it gives you a sense of clarity and reassurance. However, choosing a green carpet, in addition to instilling a sense of generosity in the audience, cause pacifism and concentration of mind.

But like all colors, be careful when using green, as most people will feel frustrated if there is too much green in the environment. The color itself is very authentic and, of course, so flexible that it fits well with modern decorations.

Green and Orange:

This combination is more likely to benefit younger people. Orange is warm and cheerful and a good choice for blending with the cool green. If you decide to opt for the green carpet under your guest’s footsteps, you should know that this attractive color reduces tiredness. But we suggest to skimp on using this color.

Green and dark blue:

This is one of the most popular color combinations. There is no doubt that the presence of these two colors in your home makes it a very eye-catching decoration. A dark blue is a good choice for our green. However, we recommend you to choose a dark blue for your furniture or one of the walls of your home.  Do not neglect using white cushions. Of course, to enhance the sense of calm and beauty, home plants look very efficient.

Green and white:

The combination of these two colors will certainly be enough to prevent the interior design of your home become obsolete. White is no limit to blending with green and can be used anywhere in your home. This combination will definitely instill a good feeling to the guest and does not seem repetitive. Your green persian rug along with the sofa, desk, lampshade and white chandelier will look great. But like the green and gray, blend it with other colors to warm your home.

Green and gray:

All the colors in the gray range are unique to the green Persian rug.

But the problem is that the green is from the family of cool colors. Its combination with neutral gray in the long time can instill a state of boring vibe and depression in your home. To solve this problem, you need to add cream colors to your home decoration by choosing the colors of curtains, pots and even lamps from a family of warm colors.


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