Silk Persian Rug 5979

 Silk Persian Rug 5979


 Silk Persian Rug 5979

Silk Persian Rug 5979 is a Blue Persian  rug  and is a property of EPERSIANRUG company and a  Persian rug with size 80 by 117 cm. The material is silk. This interesting design carpet is a hand knotted Persian rug. Sku number is 5979. This fantastic and beatiful rug is a Qum Persian rug

We have different kinds of Qom or Qum Persian rugs in our online store. We ship all our rugs worldwide to your doorstep. 

This blue rug can beautifully decorate your living room with a green furniture and drape. You can choose also white as a neutral color with this blue carpet. For example you can paint the walls of your room in white color or choose a white furniture in your diningroom. For more information , please consult with your interior designer or an experienced architect.


Size (CM) 80 x 117
SKU Number


Color Blue
Hand-knotted Yes
Material Silk
Since expensive raw materials have been used in this carpet , therefore this rug is expensive.

About the design of this rug:

This carpet was knotted in Qum city. The design of this rug is Flower design. In the four corners of this rug , you can find flowers in the colors of blue , pink, yellow, purple and red. In the center of this carpet you can see several flowers in different colors. The dominant color of this rug is blue that has flowers with several colors. 

You can coordinate cushions of your furniture with the color of one of the flowers in this rug. For example a purple one. 

We can assure you that Qum silk rugs are one of the best silk Persian rugs in the world. This rug has a top notch quality and design. If you are going to use it your living room , Please be cautious not to make it dirty. Because there is a lot of activity in living rooms , this will cause your rugs become shabby soon.


Dimensions 80 × 117 cm


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