Round Persian Rug 523

Round Persian Rug 523


Round Persian Rug 523

Round Persian Rug 523 is a property of EPERSIANRUG company and a rug with diameter 200 cm. The material is Wool. This pretty and rare carpet is  hand knotted. Sku number is 523. The design is Fish design.

Size (CM) 200 
SKU Number 523
Color Brown
Hand-knotted Yes
Material  wool


Fish Design 
 Original design, beautiful and ironic.  Its design evokes the shape of the fish.  A design originating from eastern Iran that has expanded over time and is considered in Khorasan, Kurdistan and Arak.  The subgroups are: Harati Fish, Farahan Fish, Kurdistan Fish and Zire.
Turkish weaving method (Turkish knot)
 This method is more widely used in Turkic-speaking areas, Azerbaijan, Zanjan and part of Hamadan and in some traditions it has been attributed to Seljuk Turks.  The Turkish knot is better quality, durable because it is woven with hooks and has symmetrical knots.  This method uses small shoulders and the sticks are under strong tension.
 The advantages of this method include:
 1. Apply the hook that causes the smallest carpets weaved with fine texture. 
 2.The symmetry of the knots and the tightness of the knots ensure a longer durability for the delicate carpets.  Due to non-use of Koji in Turkish weaving method, it may cause excessive traction in the weft and warp, or when you turn the carpet it may cause uneven distribution of knots,   or increase the length.  Since the Turkish combs do not have the weight and weight of the Persian combs, they provide the necessary compression on the head by repeatedly hitting.
Persian weaving method (Persian knot)
 This method was mainly used in the central and southern parts of Iran, including the cities of Qom, Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, and northeastern parts of Iran including Khorasan and Gorgan, and generally in Persian-speaking areas.  Although this method causes a lot of damage to the hand and body because of its use , it is likely to become obsolete, but weavers continue to use it and comprise a large part of the country’s rugs.
The advantages of this method include:
 1. This method is more applicable to the weaving of large and medium carpets and because of the use of thicker wefts and higher density it is more durable and longer lasting.  The best of these types of carpets for cover use are Kashan carpets, which comprise about 30-35 knots.
 In this method, because of the use of Koji, it is easier to weave and it is easier to control the tilting and shrinkage on the sides of the rugs.
 The weaving is faster and higher in this method.
 The disadvantages of this method include:
 Creating lesions in hand and body weaver.
 The use of heavy combs especially used in fine-textured carpets that damage the carpet structure.
 Hardness of fine carpet texture.


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