Round Persian Rugs

Round Persian Rugs

Round Persian rugs are carpets that are woven in a circular shape. The same designs used in rectangular rugs are used in round rugs. Hand knotted round carpets are woven in 1 to 4 meters in diameter. Round carpets are widely used in interior design of homes. Because the circular shape is a special shape. Round rugs have many fans around the world. We have tried to collect the best circular rugs for you in our online shop. The circular rugs you see below are all handmade. The designs of these carpets are among the most famous designs of handmade carpets that have been woven in round.

Round Persian rugs make your dining room decoration look modern. When shopping, you need to make sure that the size of your carpet is large enough to look well in your dining room. If your dining table is round, Circle rugs are the best choice for your interior decoration. Because this makes your carpet to fit well with your furniture shape. Round rugs can be used anywhere in the house. We recommend placing these rugs in the center of the room and decorating your home in circular shape around the rug. You will definitely be satisfied with the purchase of round Persian rugs.

The design and motifs of Persian rugs are among the most popular and pretty designs of famous carpets in the world. Since there are a lot of colors in these rugs you will have many options to buy a suitable sofa for your living room. 

I recommend you that you buy your rug first, then buy your furniture. Because finding a suitable color in furniture is extremely easier than the carpet. In this way you can design your interior decoration easier.

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