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Red Persian Rug 5726

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Red Persian Rug 5726

Red Persian rug 5726 is a property of EPERSIANRUG company and a rug with size 286 by 104 cm. The material is Wool. This pretty and rare carpet is  hand knotted. Sku number is 5726. The design is from Shiraz city.

Size (CM)286 x 104
SKU Number5726
Qashqai carpets are usually woven into the “mind-weaving”.  These mental designs are a kind of traditional recreation that has been passed down from generations to the present.  The weavers repeat the same motifs without using the design.  Therefore, usually no two carpets are completely alike.  Newcomers weave patterns from what is called “hoor”.  The Qashqai weavers have woven these patterns, which are one of the main drawings and figures.  They say “Dastoor”.  The color of the Qashqai carpets is completely related to the taste and the desire of the weaver.
Shiraz Province Rugs:
 This “art-industry” is mainly done by women.  Generally, handmade products are produced by women from the initial to the last stage.  The carpet of the Qashqai tribe is like other nomads and weaver sits on the ground for weaving.  Most rural looms are horizontal and sometimes vertical.  The reason for the nomads’ use of the horizontal loom is because they are coordinated with their nomadic lives and are easy to carry on their backs.
ابعاد286 × 104 سانتیمتر

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