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Handmade Persian Rug 9273

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Handmade Persian Rug 9273

Handmade Persian Rug 9273 is a Pink Persian rug. Pink and green color is the most used colors on this carpet. 

This Persian  rug is a Qum silk Persian rug that has a very beautiful design. This Persian rug is available in our online shop. It was knotted in Qum or Qom city, a city that has best silk Persian rugs in the world. You can see thousands of flowers on it with a vast variety of colors and designs. From blue, purple to red and pink. You can see small design flowers on this rug. There are four purple flower bouquets in four corners of this carpet.

This carpet certainly is a high quality rug and like other Qum silk rugs it is a high KPSI ( knots per square inch) carpet. It is a Persian rug with size 102 by 153 cm. The material is pure silk. This rug is definitely and certainly a hand knotted Persian rug. Sku number is 9273. The design of this rug is flower motif and it is a Qum Persian rug


Size (CM) 102x 153
SKU Number


Color Pink
Hand-knotted Yes
Material silk

How to adorn your dining room with this pink carpet:

This Pink rug is a special rug that you need special attention to decorate your dining room. Pink is a color that is bright and happy color that creates a exuberant room. It can be coordinated with colors like brown or beige furniture. To decorate your dining table , you should take a close attention to the flower colors of this persian rug. There are a lot of colors on this rug but you can choose purple to pick an item to coordinate it with your carpet.  
Cushions or curtains or even a vase can have purple color. So it has the same colors of four purple bouquets in corners of your silk Persian rug. It definitely creates a beautiful decoration in your dining room. 
Dimensions 102 × 153 cm


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