Handmade Persian Rug 8248

Handmade Persian Rug 8248


Handmade Persian Rug 8248

Handmade Persian Rug 8248 is available in shop of  EPERSIANRUG company and a blue Persian rug with size 107 by 173 cm. The material is pure natural wool. This beautiful carpet is a hand knotted Persian rug. Sku number is 8248.

 The design of this rug is Raver Persian rug. It was knotted in Kerman city.

It is one of the oldest and well known cities in Iran for weaving of Persian rugs.

Ravar city is in the north of Kerman city, near the Lut Desert, with dry, low-lying weather.

Size (CM) 107 x 173
SKU Number


Color Blue
Hand-knotted Yes
Material Wool

Interior design decoration useful tips:

This blue rug is a pretty rug that you can lay it in your guest room or dining room.  The background and margin of this carpet is blue. 
Blue is one of my favorite colors that I have always liked it too much. It evokes me azure sky and blue ocean.
So you can combine many colors and patterns with this carpet. 
One of my suggestions is to use white color. You can buy your sofa and drapes in white. Because white is a neutral color and this will help you to demonstrate your carpet better. 
Raver design is a gorgeous and less known design in Persian rugs.
We have different colors of Raver Persian rugs in our online store.
However we recommend to use warm colors like brown in your home to instill a sense of relief and peace in your living room. Many interior designers agree that excessive use of cold colors cause you feel boring. For this reason we need to add some warm colors to prevent it to happen in your home.
My recommendation is to choose a dark brown color for your furniture. This Raver Persian rug really is a fantastic rug to lay it on your home.
Dimensions 107 × 173 cm


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