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Blue persian Rug 5530

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Blue Persian Rug 5530

Blue Persian rug 5530 is a property of EPERSIANRUG company and a rug with size 303 by 207 cm. The material is Wool. The design is Heris Persian rug. This pretty and rare carpet is  hand knotted. Sku number is 5530. the design of this rug is Heris. This Heris Persian rug is very unique.

Size (CM)303x 207
SKU Number5530

Interior design guide for blue Persian rug 5530

If you use neutral colors for your drapery and sofa, it makes you living room look fantastic and fabulous. Because it causes your rug look great.
Do not use neutral colors excessively because it may make your room look boring. Try to use and combine other colors that make you happy like green or brown. 
Since blue is a bright and cold color you can add a warm and dark color like brown to add some balance to your environment and your dining room.
Consult with your interior design engineer. 
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About Heris Persian rugs and its design:

The carpet of each area is woven according to the geographical, climatic and cultural conditions of the place.

The prolonged cold in Heris city is one of the important reasons for the region’s tendency to weave carpets. As well as they weave their rugs in coarse knot because they wanted to use a warming carpet. The use of geometric and broken lines in the designs also comes from beliefs and the mountain environment in these areas.

They also call to the carpet designs of Heris to other names like Gurvan and Mehram and Mehraban. In some of the villages of Heris city another design is called (Qarajah). The weavers knot Medallion pattern in the Heris region with two wefts and Turkish knots. 

The majority of weavers are women.

This blue Persian rug is a unique carpet with beautiful Heris or Heriz motif.

A memory of Heris or Heriz rugs:


It is interesting to note a reminder of Mr. Edwards himself, which is the reason for the overwhelming enthusiasm of the Heris people:

A few years ago, while visiting one of the Heris villages, I received an unusual rug with a beautiful design on one of the weaving rugs. I asked the weaver to show me the map. She brought out a big veil from a box in the corner of the workshop. It was such as a handkerchief made in Manchester for export to the countries of the East. Its periphery was composed of flowers and bushes, with a Medallion of flowers and lilacs in the corner. Both white and red were used in the motifs.

The carpet weaver with this pattern (inappropriate pattern), was admired and perfectly woven in several different colors. The design of the braided lacework appeared to be perfectly correct in this carpet, but all the lines of the design were still broken.

This memory shows how beautiful Heriz Persian rugs are.

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ابعاد303 × 207 سانتیمتر

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