Raver Persian rugs

Raver Persian rugs

Raver Persian rugs are beautiful rugs of Kerman city. We sell Raver rugs in our online shop.  We ship our rugs worldwide to your doorstep. Please visit our wide variety of our rugs in our website.

About Raver Persian rugs 

The raver carpet is well-known worldwide.  The famous design of “Ceram” or “Three Partridge” is one of the most famous carpet designs that are still woven with elegance and beauty.

Design :

Raver carpet like Kerman carpet is a place to show off beautiful flowers, plants and trees.  Vegetable, tree, altar, flowerpot, frame, animal, larch, bergamot, slimy, prairie, pollen, and hunting grounds are popular designs and roles in this area.
 The design of raver carpets and carvings is usually of flowers and plants with finely chained foliage, like pearls, and clusters of grapes.

 Color and Dyeing:

The color of the carpets is red, Blue and Red, and colors such as White and Green are less commonly used on these carpets.  Most of its colors are fixed.

 Raw materials and textures:

Carpet weaving in Raver is a traditional and pervasive way of life with a historical background.  Carpet Raver has a world-class quality and reputation.  Some people recognize Kerman’s finest carpets in the market as Raver.
 Ravers Persian rugs are made of a fine wool that is woven with an asymmetrical knot with two or three threads.  The pile is made of cotton thread and its loom is vertical.  The texture of the carpet is such that the carpets are more delicate and beautiful than other areas of Kerman.

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