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 Handmade Persian Rug 5489

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Handmade Persian Rug 5489

Handmade Persian Rug 5489 is a red Persian rug in stock of EPERSIANRUG company and a  Persian rug with size 305 by 200 cm. The material is natural wool. This red carpet is hand knotted Persian rug. Sku number is 5489. The design of this rug is Heris Persian rug

We have many types of Heris or Heriz Persian rugs in our online shop. 


Size (CM)305 x 200
SKU Number



About Heris or Heriz Persian rugs:

Heris or Heriz is one of the important centers of carpet weaving in East Azerbaijan. It is 47 degrees 7 minutes long and 38 degrees 15 minutes wide and is 1660 m above sea level. water of Ghorichai river irrigates its lands.

The distance from Heris to Ahar city is 22 km. Due to the region’s prone for animal  husbandry, the interest in making handicrafts and use of wool, weaving industries such as weaving carpets have become widespread in the region.

Bakhshayesh , Goravan, Sherbiyan, Sarab, Qarajah, Lamisan, Mehrivan (Mehraban), Dozens, Sai, and Sai Serra cities are among the villages of the city where weavers work. In these villages rugs are woven in all of these centers. The rugs in the aforementioned areas are known as the Heris or Heriz Carpet.

Heris or Heriz carpets have a worldwide reputation for their elegance in the design and elegance of carpets. Wool is supplied locally for carpets in this area, and some from Tabriz and Urmia cities.

Some Features of Heris or Heriz Handmade Persian Rug 5489:


The design of these carpets are geometric and imaginary like handmade Persian Rug 5489 and are woven into a large, broken pattern. However, Medallion design, Prayer-nich design, Vase design, Tree design, and Paisley design are traditional and favorite designs of weavers in this area, especially Goravan.

The Overall flower design with large flowers in the color of red and brown is certainly of the most famous motifs of these carpets. Medallion or Overall flower design are one of the favorite designs of Heris or Heriz Carpet weavers. They uses oak leaf motifs and Shah Abbas flowers on the margins of these rugs. The margins known as the Tusan Baghe and the Shamama and Samavari are widely woven in the area. In these carpets there are one design in four corners and a Medallion in the center in the form of a square or lozenge or rose and star. In the carpets of this area, especially Sarab and Goravan, the stretching of the lines from slim to geometric and fractured is quite evident and today most of the designs are in this pattern.


Red, brown, pink, blue, and white colors are widely used in Heris carpets. Heris carpet can be considered as one of the best carpets in Azerbaijan. The color of this handmade Persian Rug 5489 is red.


Heris or Heriz Carpets are woven with symmetrical, single-weft knot. Its looms are vertical.

Thickness and heaviness and durability, red background colors, geometric or geometric-slim designs, and Medallion designs are other features of these carpets.


Previously, carpets in the area between Tabriz and the Sabalan Mountains were called Juragh and Goravan. But now these rugs are known in the world as Heris or Heriz Carpet. Heris or Heriz is one of the areas where silk rugs have long been woven.

ابعاد305 × 200 سانتیمتر

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