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Handmade Persian Rug 4709

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Handmade Persian Rug 4709

Handmade Persian Rug 4709 is an Orange Persian rug and is a property of EPERSIANRUG company. This Tabriz Persian rug is a Persian rug with size 308 by 198 cm. The design of this rug is Flower Garden and you can see birds like pheasants and animals like rabbits, elephant, giraffes and antlers , camels , sheeps and horses . You see rivers and arroyos are flowing in plains. There are also beautiful flowers on some frames of this rug. The material is silk and wool. This nice rug is a hand knotted Persian rug . Sku number is 4709. This carpet is a Tabriz Persian rug


Size (CM)308x 198
SKU Number


MaterialWool and Silk 

The design of this handmade Persian rug 4709:

This rug and its design is an inspiration from an old rug called Baharestan.

The Sassanid-era Baharestan carpet, also known as Bahar Khosro and Baharksari, is one of Iran’s most important Iran’s artwork. It had 140 length and 27 meters width. In its wefts and warps precious materials were used like:silk, gold, silver and jewelry such as emeralds and pearls.

The design of Baharestan carpet was a picture of heaven. In the other words its design shows one of the gardens of heaven. 

Interior decoration design guide:

This Persian rug is one of the most beautiful carpets that I have ever seen.

Its design is an inspiration of heaven and gives a sense of relief and peace. It would be a good choice for your living room to make it a fantastic room.

Its most used color is light orange. Because you can see many orange flowers woven on this rug. The design of this carpet is very complex. So you can choose simple pattern for your curtains.

You have a wide range of options to decorate your room with this rug.

ابعاد308 × 198 سانتیمتر

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  1. Mehdi

    Beatiful Persian rug

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