Tabriz Persian rugs

Tabriz Persian rugs

Tabriz Persian rugs are among the best Persian rugs.

Some Features of Tabriz Persian rugs;

Weaving: Tabriz’s finest carpets are woven in Tabriz. Tabriz carpet knots is symmetrical and firm and durable and its weft is two-way. The Kpsi in Tabriz is usually between 210 and 645.

Design and motifs: The design and motifs of the city’s carpets is more influenced by the taste of its buyers. The designers of Tabriz use the principles of the old and famous designs, but they give life to these designs and give them beauty and innovation.

Emad, Isfahan Ghalam, Javad Gholam, Zeidi Ghalam, Mehdi Ghalam, Sarikhani, Ghalam , Street, Purnami, Gholi Namami, Benam, Gharabagh, and above all some of the famous designs of Tabriz Carpet. Tabriz carpets are basically producing the best carpets inspired by the art of other areas and using personal initiative. Herat’s role, known as the fish, is best known by Tabrizi artists, most famously known as the Maralan.

Raw Materials of Tabriz rugs;

Tabriz carpets are often made of cotton, very durable and its piles are wool. silk carpets are also woven into silk flowers, complete silk, and partial silk. Tabriz silk carpets are one of the best carpets in Iran. Some of the wool consumed in Tabriz carpets is provided by Maku sheep, which is prepared in the factory or by hand in the province. Cotton is also obtained from the farms of the region and silk is obtained from other areas as well.

Color: The color of the Tabriz carpet is similar to the design and depends upon the taste of the customers. but the color combination is particularly harmonious. The wool is dyed with industrial paints and produces relatively good results. Tabriz carpets also use natural and herbal colors. The carpet colors of this area are bright and often cream, onion, bony, copper, olive, chestnut, wool, red, and beige.

Size: Tabriz rugs are made in different sizes according to market demand.

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