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Silk Persian Rug 863

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Silk Persian Rug 863

Silk Persian Rug 863 is a property of EPERSIANRUG company and a rug with size 118 by 80 cm. The material used in weaving of this rug is pure silk. There are purple and yellow flowers in design of this rug. Margin of this carpet is brown and sides are purple. As you see the purple is the dominant color of this carpet.  The design of this rug is Medallion. This pretty and rare carpet is  hand knotted and Qom Persian rug. Sku number is 863. Qum or Qom city is the world’s most well known, famous, popular city for its silk Persian rugs. The quality of design and raw materials of Qum silk rugs are the best and guaranteed. 

Size (CM)118x 80
SKU Number863

Some beneficial notes for your interior design:

Since this silk carpet has a complicated design it’s very suitable for big homes.

Most interior designers agree with this principle that If you have a small home, it is better to use simple design carpets.

So if you have a big space , lay it on your room to give it a luxurious decoration.

But do not be disappointed soon. This silk carpet is suitable for small homes too. Because the colors has been used in this rug are bright colors, it would be a fantastic idea to use it in small rooms too.

Bright colors of this carpet give a happy feeling to your room. 

Just try to choose a right color for your furniture to make a good coordination with your silk rug. 

Since the purple is the dominant color in this carpet , our suggestion for you is that to choose blue sofas. Combination of these colors , azure and purple , would create a tremendous design. 

Do not use purple color too much in your room. Instead try to combine other suitable colors like blue. You can choose the color of your drapes and cushions in blue and choose a purple vase with blue flowers on your dining table.

You can try other colors like grey or white. These colors are also recommended.

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ابعاد118 × 80 سانتیمتر

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