Handmade Persian Rug 2126

Handmade Persian Rug 2126


Handmade Persian Rug 2126

Handmade Persian Rug 2126 is a black Persian rug with red margin and is available in stock of EPERSIANRUG company. This rug is a Persian rug with size 155 by 100 cm. The material is sheep wool. This  rug is a hand knotted Persian rug. Sku number is 2126. This carpet is a  Varamin Persian rug 

Carpet weaving has a long history in this province of Iran. This is a high quality Persian rug.

 The background of this rug is black and  has flowers and birds.

Size (CM) 155x 100
SKU Number


Color Black
Hand-knotted Yes
Material Wool

Varamin Persian rugs and Handmade Persian rug 2126:

Varamin carpet is well-known worldwide and the design of Minakani has been registered internationally in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).


Varamin should be considered a unique carpet in Iranian carpet culture. Because it alone has been able to gather a collection of all Iranian ethnic groups and present their woven fabrics. There are weavers from tribes like Hadavand and Shahsavand tribe who weave carpets according to their tribal tastes and traditions. 

Varamin is one of Tehran’s carpet weaving centers.

Varamin carpet knots are mainly symmetrical.


In Varamin carpets, blue, red, and sometimes dark blue, often form the background colors. Light beige, brown, red and a mixture of these colors, golden and sometimes green, are used for carpet designs.

Varamin carpets materials are cotton. Nomadic carpets have wool wefts and warps. Another of these raw materials is undoubtedly Varamin camel wool which is used in tablecloths, rugs and carpets.

Based on ancient traditions, Varamin carpet weavers often use dark brown wool for warps and sometimes for wefts. Of course, the use of lighter color wool for wefts is also seen in some parts. The carpet and other varamin woven fabrics are shiny and soft and have a special shine when they are dyed.

Dimensions 155 × 100 cm


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