Varamin Persian Rugs

Varamin Persian Rugs

Varamin Persian rugs are wonderful Persian rugs of Iran. Carpet of Varamin is an Iranian carpet and handicraft that is produced today and in the past. Usually the tribal people who live in or around Varamin weave them. Varamin rugs and carpets are woven in different sizes but are usually medium in size. Dark brown or dark red or dark blue backgrounds are the most common colors in the Varamin carpet.

Some Features of Varamin Carpet

Design and motif:
Carpet weavers’ designs in this area are different. Weaving of general designs such as Medallion and Overall flower design are common among all weavers. But Minakhan is the area’s most famous design, woven with a light blue , beige, cream and red background. The design usually has single, large flowers throughout the carpet and among the Medallion.
Other carpet designs of Varamin can be mentioned as Zel-al-Soltani, Goldani, and Shah Abbasi. The sun, the Chalipa, Pamorghi, Ghochki , Shakh Ghochaki are the design of these carpets.


The dominant colors in the Varamin carpet are red, cream, navy, blue, and beige. In the past, herbal colors was used for dyeing, but today industrial dyes are used. Wool and other fibers are dyed at the same site and turned into yarn.

Texture: The carpet of this area is woven with symmetrical and asymmetrical knot, short pile and medium KPSI. These carpets have been well-known in the past for small rugs in dimensions of 1.5 SQM and 2 SQM woolen rugs. In addition Klim weaving is also common in the area. The size of these Klims are large and have tense texture. These are woven and supplied with local dark wool and a variety of designs and motifs, usually with vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines.

Varamin carpet weavers use Minakhani design in theircarpet designs. So this has made the Varamin carpet to be known as the Minakhani design and Varamin rugs introduced in Iran.  

In Minakhani design, there is one flower that four white petals have surrounded it. It resembles Narcissus flower.

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