Handmade Persian Rug 7634

Handmade Persian Rug 7634


Handmade Persian Rug 7634

Handmade Persian rug 7634 is a red Persian rug with red margin and red background design. It is available in the shop of of EPERSIANRUG company. Its design is Goravan Persian rug. There are red flowers on this rug . The size of this Persian rug is 211 by 305 cm. The material is pure natural wool. This beautiful carpet is hand knotted Persian rug. Sku number is 7634. This rug is a Goravan or Geravan Persian rug.


Size (CM) 211 x 305
SKU Number 7634
Color Red
Hand-knotted Yes
Material Wool

Goravan Persian rugs design is similar to Heris rugs. 

Home decoration design guide with this rug:


Red color is my favorite color. Because it evokes me the sun set. Red is a warm color and is a traditional Persian rug color. professional rug dealers call red in Laki color.

So if you heard Laki , it means red in Persian language.

As I said red is warm and if you want to have a cozy room like your living room , it would be a good idea to choose your sofas in a warm color like brown.

My suggestion is to buy red cushions. Because it will create a good coordination with your carpet in your livingroom.

Another suggestion is to select a neutral color like white furniture and drapes. In this way you will get two advantages. 

First your room becomes brighter. The second advantage is that you will make your room seem bigger.

White is a color that you can coordinate it with other colors easily.

This carpet is relatively big. So you can lay it in your room to create a fantastic vibe.

Also The design of Goravan is a traditional motif of Persian rugs.

This helps you you to create a traditional style in your home.

In addition, you should take care of intricate design of this rug. Thus you must buy a simple design furniture and curtains. In this way you will have a good space that instill confidence and peace to you and your family.

We have the best Goravan Persian rugs in our online shop for sale.

Dimensions 211 × 305 cm


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