Goravan Persian Rugs

Goravan Persian rugs

Goravan Persian rugs are also called Geravan or Gorevan are authentic Persian rugs.

The town of Goravan is one of the villages of East Azarbaijan province located in the Khanumrud village of the central part of Heris County in Iran. According to archaeological investigations, Goravan dates back to prehistoric times and stone age.
This rugs have a fantastic design.
Goravan is one of the famous carpet weaving areas of Azerbaijan in the Heris area. The characteristic carpets of this area are the same as those found in the Heris carpets. These carpets are often woven with geometric and imaginary motifs.

The Heris Carpet is the only design of the carpet in the world, that is a true story of the region’s past, in fact these events have been left a souvenir for future generations. A symbol of the animals and plants of that area have excited scientific researchers. The Heris Carpet is famous worldwide not for its durability and beauty but for the true stories that lie at the heart of each of its designs.

Some features of these rugs: 

Goravan carpets are not as good as Heris Persian rugs in terms of design, motif, weaving and texture. Goravan weavers follow the artists of around their  arresidence such as Heris, Mehraban, Sarab, and Ahar in terms of color selection and carpet design. Until the early 20th century, carpets between Tabriz and Sabalan Mountains were called Goravan or Juravan in domestic markets and rarely in foreign markets, but eventually became known as Heris. The designs of these carpets are often similar to the weaving of imaginary, geometric, and  Medallion designs.

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