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Handmade Persian Rug 7071

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Handmade Persian Rug 7071

Handmade Persian Rug 7071 is a brown and Red Persian rug and is available in our online  shop. If you have a small house and want that your home look bigger, use big rugs like this one. It helps you to have a better view of your home. In addition the bright color of this rug makes your home seems bigger than it really is.

It is an important rule in interior design of your home. How much brighter you choose your carpet , bigger your room will look like. Therefore if your house is small and you want your home seem bigger , try to choose your major interior items like rugs and furnitures in bright colors. In this way you will get brilliant results.

It is a Persian rug with Flower design and its size is 200 by 300 cm. The material is pure natural wool. The problem for wool rugs is that the dust is not swept easily on it. So use it in your living room to prevent it from being dirty. It is very important because the color of this carpet is bright and this cause it to be dirty soon. In addition the stains on this rug can be seen easily because of having a bright color. This carpet is hand knotted Persian rug. Sku number is 7071. This beatiful marvelous rug is a Yazd Persian rug.  The color of sides of this carpet is red. The back drop color of this rug is bright brown.

It has a traditional design of Persian rug and also known as oriental rugs. Yazd carpets are one of the most popular and well known Persian rugs. They have high durability and resistance.

Size (CM)200 x 300
SKU Number


ColorBrown and Red
This rug is an authentic Persian rug. The price of this rug is affordable too. 
The raw materials used in this carpet are natural and guaranteed. 
ابعاد200 × 300 سانتیمتر

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