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Gabbeh 1604

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Gabbeh 1604

Gabbeh 1604 has a pretty blue or blau color and is a medium size Gabbeh teppich or rug with size 6.3 by 5 feet. or 192 cm by 152 cm. The material is pure wool and hand woven. Sku number is 1604 and we will ship it upon your request from EPERSIANRUG premise.

Size (CM)192x 152
Area (M²)2.91
SKU Number1604
Pile height (mm)15
MaterialNatural wool
Weight (KG)± 1.5∼ 10.1
وزن10.1 کیلوگرم
ابعاد192 × 152 × 1.5 سانتیمتر

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