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Gabbeh 1445

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Gabbeh 1445

Gabbeh 1445 is a thick knot carpet with white and brown color. This Gabbeh teppich is in EPERSIANRUG stock with size 4.8 feet by 3.3 feet. or 147 cm by 101 cm. You can see the figure and design of tree and goat in square boxes around this Gabbeh. The material is pure sheep wool and this Persian Gabbeh is hand knotted. Sku number is 1445. You can see a lot of Gabbeh teppich in our website. 

Features of this Gabbeh:


Gabbeh is a type of carpet which is common among the tribes and rural people. Gabbeh weaving is a usual job  and a means of livelihood among women of rural areas of Fars province, especially by Qashqai tribe.  This rug is woven with long  piles, and usually between 3 and 8 wefts per row.

 Gabbeh teppich is an attractive carpet for villagers and nomads. Because it has large knots and soft texture. Gabbeh is woven with geometrical designs and animal figures, especially the figure of the lion. It symbolizes courage and bravery. Other figures include tiger, leopard, horse, deer, antelope, and all kinds of birds.

 Design of Gabbeh, like other carpets, reflects the inner desires, beliefs of its designers and weavers.  
Nomadic and rural women wants their men to learn these behavioral traits by weaving the figure of courageous animals. The wool used in making of Gabbeh is not dyed or usually it has no more than three to four colors.  If it is needed to dye, colors similar to the original color are used and therefore the color of them is more resistant to washing and sunlight.

 Basically, resistance of Gabbeh is more than just a rug.  This feature, accompanied with its good design quality and texture, makes it popular in the country and abroad. Gabbeh is a good rug to decorate your living room.

Size (CM)147 x 101
Area (M²)1.47
SKU Number1445
Pile height (mm)15
MaterialNatural wool
Weight (KG)± 1.5∼ 5.1
وزن5.1 کیلوگرم
ابعاد147 × 101 × 1.5 سانتیمتر

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