Gabbeh 1432


Gabbeh 1432

Gabbeh 1432 is definitely without any shadow of doubt a gorgeous Gabbeh teppich with a basic  brown or braun color. This Gabbeh teppich is in EPERSIANRUG stock and ready for shipment with size 6.2 feet by 4.9 feet. or 189 cm by 148 cm. The material is natural sheep wool and this Persian Gabbeh is hand made. Sku number is 1432. 

Size (CM) 189 x 148
Area (M²) 2.79
SKU Number 1432
Color Brown or Braun
Pile height (mm) 15
Hand-knotted Yes
Material Natural wool
Weight (KG)± 1.5 ∼ 9.76
Weight 9.76 kg
Dimensions 189 × 148 × 1.5 cm


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