Gabbeh 1183

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Gabbeh 1183

Gabbeh 1183 presented by EPERSIANRUG company is a real art from nomad women in Zagros mountains and has a brown color. This Gabbeh rug has a size of 6.5 feet by 4.9 feet. or 198 cm by 149 cm. The material is pure natural wool and this brown or braun carpet is hand knotted and available in our stock. Sku number is 1183.

Size (CM) 198 x 149
Area (M²) 2.95
SKU Number 1183
Color Brown 
Pile height (mm) 15
Hand-knotted Yes
Material Natural wool
Weight (KG)± 1.5 ∼ 10.2
وزن 10.2 kg
ابعاد 198 × 149 × 1.5 cm

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