Moshkabad Persian Rug

Moshkabad Persian rug

Moshkabad Persian rug is a type of Iranian carpet and one of the handicrafts of Meshakabad village. This carpet is world-renowned as one of the hand-woven carpets of the Markazi province in Iran.This carpet is small-fabric, coarsely woven, and cheap, and has long piles. The pattern of Meshakabad carpet is mostly Minakhani, Golhanai and Herati. The knot of these carpets is asymmetrical, the weft is blue, and the weft is usually vertical in this region. The size of the Meshk Abad carpets is usually medium and large, and the knot used in this region is Persian. The old carpets of Meshkabad have a velvety surface and some shine.

In the below picture I have shown an antique Moshkabad Persian rug.

Moshkabad Persian Rug
Moshkabad Persian Rug

History of Moshakabad Persian Rug 

Mpshkabad carpets take their name from a village near Arak that was destroyed in the 19th century.

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Knot characteristics 

The species that can be identified by their similar texture features and small gross pattern. The size of Muskabad carpets is usually medium and large.
The knot used in this area is Persian.


In this area, carpets with Minakhani motifs (a network of small flowers interspersed with narcissus flowers) as well as Hennai flowers (Tere Mazd; i.e. the stylized plant of henna) and Herati designs (large flowers on a dark background with dominant colors of blue and green) were produced.
The old carpets of Meshkabad had a velvet surface and had a kind of shine.

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