Heriz Persian rug

Heriz Persian rug or carpet or Heris carpet is one of the rural style carpets that is woven in the Heris region located in East Azarbaijan province in the northwest of Iran. Symmetric knot with cotton warp and wool pile is used in this carpet. Straight, broken lines and geometric designs are a characteristic of this rug. Also red, brown, green, navy blue, pink, blue and ivory are common colors of Heriz carpet.

Heriz carpet characteristics

Heriz rug is world famous not because of its durability and beauty, but because of the true stories that lie in the heart of each of its designs. Heris carpet has high quality both in design and coloring. The difference between Heriz carpets and carpets similar to Heriz include:

in Heriz carpets, Hoh, which weighs about 3 kilograms, is used (Hoh: a heavier device than Dafe, which is used in weaving carpets similar to Heris), and this weight causes the tufts to be compressed. And two-sidedness of Heris carpet’s wefts causes double strength of the carpet.

Color of Heriz Persian rug

The vegetation of each region determines the color of the carpets of that region. In Heris carpets, dark and bitter colors are used with a special harmony, such as: dark navy, garlic brown, rhonasia red, copper, dark green and violet yellow and blue… which, as mentioned, are obtained from the surrounding plant colors, which include From: Runas, Zalir, Tolokh Koli, onion skin, Qara Chop (black wood), Calcutta indigo, Doh Qolaghi (camel ear), Ashgun root, which is common in traditional dyeing. They also use qinakh stone, white alum, iron oxide and buttermilk for teething. It should be noted that buttermilk is only used with runas.

Heriz Rug
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