Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning at home is one of the most important things that peaople may face it at home.

I would like to discuss it here and learn you how to clean your carpet at home.

How to do your carpet cleaning at home – Ultimate Guide

 If your carpets are not so dirty that you give them to the carpet cleaning companies, then wash your carpets yourself to clean them.  Here are the basics of carpet cleaning and washing at home:
1. Carpet washing requires space so if you have a good space and your rug dimensions are small, you can wash it at home with suitable water consumption.
but if your carpet is more than 6 squaremeters, give it to carpet cleaning company.
2. Before washing the carpet, remove the dust by shaking the carpet or by sweeping, but be careful not to damage the rug and woven fabrics while doing so.
3. Make sure your carpet colors are not spread across the rug because it can cause serious damage to the carpet or rug. To find out if your carpet dye is spread,  draw a damp cloth or white cloth on the surface of the carpet.  If the fabric is dyed, do not wash the rug yourself and give it to the skilled person.
4. Use a hard, sloping surface to let excess water leaves the rug.
5. To rinse the carpet the water temperature should be moderate and use lukewarm water.
6. Do not use alkaline detergent in rug cleaning and apply neutral acidity.  Use handwashing powder, carpet shampoo, soap powder and dishwashing liquid to wash your rug.
7 After washing the carpet, let the water pass it.
8. To dry the carpet, put it out on its backside in the open air and away from sunlight.
9. Do not put your rug in the direct sunshine and do not hang it because it will damage the texture of the carpet.
 10. Do not use heater or heating instruments to dry the carpets.
11. Do not pour water on the carpet roots, as this will cause the carpet roots to yellow.
 12. After the carpet is dry, brush it gently with a brush to keep the designs in place.

How to use carpet  shampoo

1 First use a vacuum cleaner with high suction to remove dust from the carpet piles, as the dust remaining in the rug will cause the carpet to become dirty.
2 Use soft-hair brushes to draw shampoo on the carpet, but do not use wire hair or tough hair brushes. Because this will damage your carpet.
3 Use lukewarm water to make a solution. because hot water damages the carpet texture and cold water does not have a cleaning power.
 4 Choose the right shampoo for your carpet.  The best options are shampoos which are not acidic and lacking ink.
5 Pour 1 liter of water and two cups of shampoo into a container and stir well to create foam.
6 Rub the carpet gently with a sponge.
 7 If you use only the water of liquid you made before instead of shampoo foam, the carpet will not be cleaned, but instead the moisture reaches the carpet roots and the roots will rot over time. So use shampoo foam to clean your rug.
8 The foam of carpet shampoo clean the dirt and stain on the carpet piles. The stains will the disappear for half an hour, so you should not walk on the carpet.
 9 Apply carpet shampoo from the top of the carpet so you don’t have to walk on the carpet.
 10 After half an hour, rub a rough cloth on the carpet to make pile direction on its place, then sweep your rug  in the direction of piles.

How to clean your rug like the first day 

Today, carpets have become one of the most important components of home decoration.  When you buy a new rug it will certainly fascinate you with its designs. and you will surely be wondering how to keep the rug always clean and new, so look for ways to refurbish the rug and  Carpet Refurbishing . We will cover it in this article.

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning


Methods of renewing your carpet

 Carpet renewing techniques are a set of methods that will ultimately preserve the carpet’s original beauty.  There are many ways to renovate the carpet and in fact we recommend that you use all the renewing techniques to make your carpet look as beautiful as it was the first day.  The most important ways to refurbish the carpet and keep the carpet new are regular vacuum cleaning, timely decontamination, regular and proper washing, and other preventive measures.  Keep in mind that all methods of carpet refurbishing and renewing 
must be carefully followed.

Vacuum cleaning is one of the ways to refurbish carpets.

One of the most important ways to refurbish carpets is to use a vacuum cleaner.  You have probably noticed many times that it has a special effect when the carpet is vacuum cleaned.  But vacuum cleaning is not enough, and regular vacuum cleaning should be done.  For this reason, it is recommended that you use a vacuum cleaner at least once a week and at least three times a day to clean your carpets.
When you use a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis, dust and other debris from the carpet are removed, resulting in an increase in the life of your rug and keep its original beauty.  The correct way to use the vacuum cleaner as one of the ways to refurbish the carpet is to put the vacuum cleaner at high power and gently pull the vacuum cleaner on the carpet and try to move the vacuum cleaner in all directions to remove dust and debris.  Fine collect from the surface of the carpet.

Instant cleaning of stains

 As you know, the experience has proven that one of the most important factors in losing the beauty of a carpet, as well as showing the weariness of rugs are stains on the surface of rug.  For this reason removing carpet stains is one of the methods of carpet renewal.  Note that stains should not be allowed to remain on the carpet and make cleaning difficult.  It is best to remove stains immediately to maintain the beauty and freshness of your carpet.
 Do not use any detergent-soaked cloth to clean the stain. when you use it, it will  cause the stain to penetrate in rug and makes it difficult to clean.

Method of removing stains

 At the beginning of the stain removal, remove the stains by a knife if the stains can be removed.
 Pour a solution of lukewarm water, white vinegar and carpet shampoo onto the stained area.
 Then make a solution by lukewarm water and carpet shampoo.
 Next, soak the clean white cloth with white alcohol and rub it on the stain.
 Then use a clean, white cloth to soak in the lukewarm water and carpet shampoo you have prepared.
 Use this white cloth to rub on the stain so that the stains are dissolved in the solution.
 Then use a dry, white cloth to rub the stained area to remove the stain area and effects of the previous steps.
 Wait that the stained area to dry and then use a vacuum cleaner.

 Rug cleaning by washing it

Another method of carpet renewing is to thoroughly wash the carpet. In some cases, thorough carpet washing is necessary and none of the carpet refurbishing techniques can be as effective as carpet washing.  You can do the rug washing yourself at home, then you have to carefully do it.  
But it is better to give this to a valid carpet cleaning company. It is best to wash your carpets at least once a year.
 when you wash the carpet it seems that it is the first day you have purchased the carpet.  Since this is one of the most important methods of carpet refurbishing, the following is how to properly wash your carpet at home:
To wash the rug, put it in a firm, steep place and soak the surface of the rug completely.
 Wash all surface of the carpet with lukewarm water and carpet shampoo and sponge.
 After completing the second step, rinse the surface of the carpet with enough water to remove all detergent from the carpet.
 After the washing process, place the rug on a steep slope.
 Be careful in flattening the carpet uniformly.

How to dry the carpet Correctly 

 You should pay attention to dry the carpet as well. If you are cleaning your carpet at home, it is best to use the following tips to dry the carpet:
 First, be careful not to hang the carpet for drying and do not put it under direct sunlight as it will damage the texture and fibers of the carpet.
 One of the proper drying methods is to use a four-sided scaffolding, which allows air to flow well around the carpet and dry the carpet.
 Do not use direct heat such as heaters, fireplaces, etc. to dry the carpet as it can damage the carpet.

Use carpet shampoo

 Another way to renew your carpet is to use a carpet shampoo. You can renew your carpet just like the first day by carpet shampoo.  Carpet shampoo can be used when there is not a lot of dirt on the carpet and no need for a thorough wash.  To do this, mix the carpet shampoo and lukewarm water and use a piece of sponge to draw on the carpet and you will see that the stained area is well cleaned.  This method can also be used to wash hand-made carpets. Because too much washing of rugs can greatly damage them.

Use of a blanket on your rug is another way to refurbish carpets

 Using a blanket is another way to keep the carpet clean. For this reason, a nice blanket can be used in places where there is a lot of commuting or where children are playing.  Use of a blanket will prevent the carpet from getting dirty and thus retains its original beauty.

Don’t walk on the carpet with your shoes

 One of the most important factors that cause carpets to lose their original beauty and become old is to walk on the carpet by shoes. When you walk with shoes on the carpet, not only it makes the carpet dirty but it also puts extra pressure on the carpet texture, which over time can damage the carpet and lose its beauty. 

Use of baking soda on the carpet

 If you are going to make your rug as new as the first day and smell good, it is advisable to throw some baking soda on the carpet before sweeping the carpet.  Wait a few minutes after throwing baking soda, then clean it by vacuum cleaner.

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