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Orange persian rug 5735

15,000 تومان

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Orange persian rug 5735

Orange persian rug 5735 is a property of EPERSIANRUG company and a rug with size 206 by 147 cm. The material is Wool. This pretty and rare carpet is  hand knotted and Tabriz rug. Sku number is 5735.

Size (CM)206 x 147
SKU Number5735
Animal motifs
 Hunting, catching and catching fish;  Graphics or micro-engravings used include flowers of eight feathers, 2 feathers, a herd of birds, a peacock, a goat, a ram, a horse, a fish.  
Tree design
 Shapes of trees, foliage and shrubs are the main elements of this design.  Occasionally in the foliage of trees, the presence of birds, and at the bottom of the drawing of wild animals resting and grazing.  Such designs are called animal tree designs.  If hunters are hunting in the design, it will be hunting design.  If the middle of the carpet has a turquoise-colored water pond, it is called vegetable or a fountain.  The scheme was popular among the weavers of Kashan, Isfahan, Tabriz, Qom and Tehran.  While the image of the tree is taken by many European nations as a sign of longevity, prosperity and prosperity.  
Flowers design 
 All designs in this group are based on multicolored colorful flowers, green vases and especially natural roses with very bright colors such as yellow, blue and red.  Types of flower designs include: Bijar, Flower Bouquet, Flower Bouquet, Flower and Nightingale Flower, Leach and bergamot flower, Spraying flower petal Mostofi and… 
Over all flower designs
 The shapes and components of most designs are drawn continuously and without interruption, while in this design, the design elements are scattered and separated but at regular intervals.  In this design, all the flowers and leaves in the carpet are scattered and none of the flowers have any symmetry.  The most popular of these designs are: hand flower , twig branch flower, Islamic flower, Shah Abbasi.
ابعاد205 × 147 سانتیمتر

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