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Handmade Persian Rug 9130

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Handmade Persian Rug 9130

Handmade Persian Rug 9130 is available in shop of  EPERSIANRUG company and a Red Persian rug with size 293 by 395 cm. The material is pure natural wool. This beautiful carpet is a hand knotted Persian rug and have a indian design   Sku number is 9130.

 The design of this rug is Kerman Persian rug . It was knotted in Kerman city.


Size (CM)293 x 395
SKU Number



Kerman Persian rugs:


In general, what has made Kerman’s designs and motifs famous is the use of ultra- exquisite motifs that are widely scattered around the carpet and have created a complicated design.

On today’s popular designs in Kerman, the authors of introductory books on carpet recognition of Iran believe that these designs include;

grape designs, Sabzichamani , Goldani and Tree, 33 Pol, Bargechoghondai , Quran Frame, Paisley, Medallion.

Plain background as well as Golefarang and Goblan or hunting  designs, Afshan or Frame design are other designs of Kerman Persian rugs. In general, Kerman carpets can be divided into urban and nomadic carpet groups. Kerman city is the most important center of urban carpet weaving and Sirjan city is the most important center of nomad carpet weaving. 

You will definitely find several kinds of Kerman rugs in our online store.

ابعاد293 × 395 سانتیمتر

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