Handmade Persian Rug 8454

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Handmade Persian Rug 8454

Handmade Persian rug 8454 is a red Persian rug with white background. It is available in stock of EPERSIANRUG company and its design is Jozan Persian rug. The dimention and size of this Persian  rug is 201 by 142 cm. There are red , pink, green and purple flowers on this carpet. The material is natural wool. This beautiful red carpet is hand knotted Persian rug. Sku number is 8454. This rug is a Jozan Persian rug .


Size (CM) 201 x 142
SKU Number 8454
Color Red
Hand-knotted Yes
Material Wool

Interior design guide:

As I said before, this rug has beautiful red flowers woven on this carpet. Also the margins of this rug is red.
Red is a warm color and you can add some cold colors in your room to create a balance and harmony in your room.
In the other hand the design of this carpet is Jozan. Jozan is a famous design in Persian rugs.  It has an intricate pattern. So to have a good interior decoration design that impress your guests we will suggest to choose a simple pattern furniture and drapes in your dining room or guest room.
The area of this carpet is 3 SQM. So It is a small Persian rug. 
So it is a good idea to place it at the center of your room. 
This authentic Persian rug definitely will  adorn your dining room.  
Jozan rugs are woven in Malayer city of iran.

Some futures of Malayer and Jozan Persian rugs:


Raw Materials:

Thr climate conditions of this city and its suitability for livestock breeding and productivity of sheep wool, which is an important raw material for weaving carpets, has promoted this profession especially in rural areas. In the villages of Najr, Joran, Noshijan, Payizan, Taimah, Jokar, Hossein Abad, Shamloo, Mehdi Abad, Davidjani, Hamzeh Lealia, Hamzeh Le Sofli, Gorijan, and Golparabad are centers of carpet weaving and their rug design are similar to Saruk or Sarouq design and Hamedan design. Malayer is the origin of the Zand tribe, which is a well-known tribe whose people jobs is carpet weaving.

In the Malayer city, people are mainly interested in handicrafts, and wool, wood, pottery, ceramics, leather, embroidery, and weaving are common.

Design and motif and Texture:

The Malayer rug design and motif is like to design and motifs such as Medallion and  Shah Abbasi, Fish, hunting grounds, Jozani, and lilies and blossoms.  Embroidered weaving is ubiquitous in the rugs of this area, especially Jozan. The best rugs are in Jozan and Manizan and the Pishin cities. The carpets of this area have two wefts and are delicate.  The knots are symmetrical. Malayer carpet colors are often navy blue, red, and beige.

In Malayer carpets, natural and herbal and industrial dyes are used in dyeing wool and cotton.

Part of Malayer carpets are woven near the Hamedan city.

Jozan rugs certainly are one of the best carpets of this area. These rugs certainly have artistic value. We have the best collection of Jozan rugs in our online store. 

ابعاد 201 × 142 cm

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