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Handmade Persian Rug 5053

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Handmade Persian Rug 5053

Handmade Persian Rug 5053 is a red Persian rug in stock of EPERSIANRUG company and a  Persian rug with size 193 by 151 cm. The material is natural wool. This red carpet is hand knotted Persian rug. Sku number is 5053. The design of this rug is Heris Persian rug

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Size (CM) 193 x 151
SKU Number


Color Red
Hand-knotted Yes
Material Wool

Heris Persian rugs design and motifs and handmade Persian rug 5053:

Common designs in the area are: Tajeri / Sabori / Rose Flower / Flower design / Samadkhan / False design (any design that is first presented and not used in the market, so-called False design) / Chalangari, etc. Certainly all of these designs are based on the weavers imaginary of the beautiful nature of South Azerbaijan and the Harris region, also called Qushadagh (the mountain range of the same name), and these carpets are not woven on the design above.But instead Woven by imaginary , meaning the preservation of valleys and the nature. Today, for about 5 years, Heris weavers also have a special skill in design making that can only be seen in the carpet weaving center of Oshak (Turkey).

Facts about Heris design:

In these two areas, They read designs drawn on chessboard paper or the master design paper. To do this, they mount a piece of design paper with a pin to the opposite wall and occasionally look at it to make any carpet they want to weave. This is an amazing skill, an instinctive and sensual skill in the local term. (This is mentioned in both the Iranian Carpet Book and the 1993 HALI Magazine). One of Heris’s carpet designs is a geometric Medallion with margins known as Samovar, with varieties called Khatun dash / plain Medallion / Haji Azimi/ Lozenge / Samad Khani and  Tajeri. They also call Heris carpet designs Gurvan or Goravan and Mehram and Mehraban. In some of the villages of Heris another design is called (Qarajah). In the Heris area, the Medallion pattern carpet has one weft with a Turkish knot.

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Dimensions 193 × 151 cm


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