Yalmeh Persian rug

Yalmeh Persian rug

Yalmeh Persian rug  is a type of Iranian carpet that is woven by the Qashqai tribe.

They live in Shiraz, Isfahan and Chaharmahal cities. These carpets have a fixed color. They usually have nine colors are used in their texture, which are: blue, lacquered, Green, navy, white, purple and black.

Also they have wool weave. Most of the colors have a herbal base and the color combination and texture map have an unbreakable link with nature.

The birthplace of this carpet is the Yalmeh tribe of the great Qashqai clan.

But from the first places after Tathga Qapu in the village of Aliabad Jambzeh and Talkhoncheh, the first fixed places of obtaining materials and producing this carpet were the main weavers of this carpet in the towns and villages of the suburbs of Shahreza, such as Aliabad Jambzeh.

They live in Talekhonche, Borujen and its districts, and Semiram and its districts.


Yalme Borojan carpets are divided into three categories in terms of motif:

The design of a pond or a pond
Shakerlo or two basin design
Alwan layout
In terms of appearance, all the designs of the first type in the text of the carpet have a row of rhombus-shaped tang which is placed in the center of the carpet and along its length.

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