Sirjan Kilims

Sirjan Kilims

Sirjan Kilims are great rugs.
Shirkipich is the name of a type of carpet that is woven in Sirjan and Baft areas in Iran. This type of carpet is unique and different. In the past, the Shirki Pitch rug was simply woven as a rug. but today it is woven as a combination of a rug and a carpet.
In this type of rug, unlike other types of rugs in which the weft causes the formation of the product. the weft does not play a role in the texture and only connects the threads to each other and makes the cream thread stronger. This type of carpet is produced in Sirjan and Baft cities.


Carpet weaving in nomadic and rural communities is almost a non-permanent and seasonal profession. Shirki Pich rugs and carpets, called Suzni in Kerman. They produce an important part of the income of the residents of Sirjan. In 2009, 14,000 “Shirki Pitch” carpet and rug weavers are active in Sirjan Baft. They weave their products on 7,000 carpet looms. In recent years, the number of people in Sirjan and its suburbs has increased to 7-6 thousand. Shirki Pich looks like a carpet.  It is woven with knots like a carpet, and unlike other types of rugs, where the weft completes and represents the motifs, here the weft only plays the role of connecting the threads and is always hidden behind the meat (piles) of the rug and can be It is not vision. The vector texture is placed on it and the knot of this carpet is also of two types.

1- Text knot: with this knot, a colored thread passes over two strands, then it is turned back and passes under the main thread on top and creates a knot.

2- Submersible knot: In this knot, the weft is placed twice on the thread and creates a wider line.

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