Sharabian Persian rug

Sharabian Persian rug

Sharabian Persian rug or Sharbian carpet is one of the rural style carpets that is woven in Sharbian region.

This city is in East Azarbaijan province in the northwest of Iran. Symmetric knot with cotton warp and wool pile is used in this carpet.

Geometric, elastic, and trange designs are common designs. The main colors of carpets are black, navy, red, blue, and ivory.

These colors are common colors of Sharabian carpets.


Common geometric designsare lace and fringe.
Sizes of six meters, twelve meters.
Common colors are black, navy, red, blue, ivory.
Natural, chemical dyeing method.
Wool pile material Cotton material.
Turkish weaving method.
Symmetric knot type (Turkish).
15-25 knots (in 7 cm).

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