Sarouk Persian Rugs

Sarouk Persian Rugs

Sarouk Persian rugs are famous rugs in the world.

High quality rugs and carpets that are woven in the Arak Sarouk area.

We sell Sarouk rugs online in our shop directly  from Iran.

Sarouk city

Sarouk or Sarouq is located 45 kilometers north of Arak and is in the lower part of the city of Farmahin and is a mountainous, cold and dry area with low rainfall. The people of Sarouq and its surroundings are mostly engaged in herding, farming and carpet weaving.

Sarouk is one of Iran’s oldest population centers and carpet weaving has been common in the past. Over the past century, carpet weaving artists have been working hard to preserve their ancestral art and have offered very beautiful, durable and small textiles to lovers of this art.

Due to the prominent name of the saruk, most of the Arak woven rugs use this name to their products. so the carpet is not unique to the texture of the saruk. The geographical and climatic conditions of the place and the way of life and customs of the people of Sarawak are similar to the general characteristics of Arak.

Some Characteristics of Sarouk Persian  rugs 

Design and motifs:

The dominant design in the Sarouk carpet, whether old or new, Medallion with Fish design, single Paisley, bouquets, and simple Abbasi flowers in colorful backgrounds. Design of Four Lachak in purple, cream, red that is woven throughout with flowers and leaves.

In these carpets the margins have Samovar , Turtles, Crabs, Frame , and Shah Abbasi design. Recently, carpets, called “cradle of lion”, are woven with a long, wide edges and a single plant design in the center. Most designs by Sarouk are provided by Arak designers.


The color used in Sarouk rugs is often natural and dark in color. Copper, White , Oak, Beige, Blue, Red, Cream are the dominant colors in the Sarouk Persian  rug.

Raw materials and textures:

In these Carpets high quality raw materials are used.
Especially wool from local sheep. The texture of these carpets is short and compressed with asymmetric knots and pile. Weaving looms are vertical in cities and in rural areas are rarely horizontal.

Today, Sarouk-style weaving carpets are common among the weavers of this region, such as Jiria, Ghiadabad, Goodarz, Badarestan, Dain, Mehrabad, Yasaval or other areas such as Arak, Mahallat, Tafresh, and even Musk-Abad and immigrants. Sarawak is also woven in Khomein, Khansar, Ilam, Qom, Golpayegan and its surroundings.

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