Qashqai Persian rugs

Qashqai Persian Rugs

Qashqai Persian rugs are certainly authentic Persian rugs and have many patrons among rug lovers.

The tribes of Qashqai live in Fars province in south of Iran. They live on the long route between the Persian Gulf coast and the Isfahan area. The language of this ethnic group is Turkish and their job is farming and animal husbandry.

There are 66 tribes of the Qashqai people, such as the Dare Shuri, the Great Kashkoli, the Sheshbloki, the Little Kashkoli, Amaleh, and Farsmidan.

The Qashqai tribe has brave men who have lived in the western parts of Fars province for more than seven centuries. The name Qashqai is said to have been derived from the word Qashqa, meaning white forehead horse. But others believe that the word Qashqai in Turkish means escaping man. Or perhaps, as Bartolet believes, the Russian Orientalist,  Qashqai word derives from the word Qasheqeh in Turkish. It means fearless and brave (Parham, p. 159).

According to some studies, the Qashqai tribe first lived in the Caucasus mountains (Bayat, p. 96).

Of these tribes, the Sheshbloki tribe is the largest carpet weaving tribe. But the Darehshori tribe is known for the weaving of Gabbeh and Klim. The geographical and livelihoods and nature of the Qashqai nomads have led them to the carpet weaving industry. However most people, especially women and girls, spend their leisure time doing so.

An important part of Fars province carpets are woven by Qashqai nomads.  Moreover the weaving centers of these carpets are Firouzabad, Marvdasht, Semirom, Khormoj, Khangasht and Mian cities.

Some features of Qashqai Persian rugs 

Design and motif: The motif of the Qashqai Persian rugs are similar to design of other nomad Persian rugs of Iran. Their motifs are imaginary, geometric, and have broken lines.

But Qashaqai nomads also simplify and weave urban symmetrical or asymmetrical designs.


The color of Qashqai hand woven rugs are very beautiful and the women of this tribe are very expert and resourceful in dyeing of carpets. In addition the design and motif of the margin on the Qashqai carpets covers and coordinates with the background of the carpet.


Qashqai handwoven rugs include;

Rug, carpet, Kilim, jawal, bag, pillow, tablecloth, Gabbeh, Kilim Gabbeh, Yukim Kilim .

An interesting  thing is that Qashqai knots are often symmetrical and sometimes asymmetrical. Carpet materials are wool and cotton.

At last but not the least we have different rugs of Qashqai in our online shop for sale.

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