Mashad Persian Rugs

Mashad Persian Rugs 

Mashad Persian Rugs are famous rugs in the world. 

Mashhad Persian rug is an Iranian and handmade carpet that is produced today and in the past.

Mashhad carpet background

Carpet weaving in Mashhad is about five centuries old, so one of the oldest carpets in Mashhad is a kind of prayer rug that was donated by King Tahmaseb to the Solomon in year 1556. These carpets were made in three degrees of quality at the workshop of Sultan Ibrahim Mirza, son of Sam Mirza, and nephew of Shah Tahmasb. One of them was in London two years ago and is believed by some to be now owned by the famous collector, Sheikh Saud Al Thani Qatari.
Second- and third-order specimens are still in the Topkapi Museum.
In the 5th and 6th centuries, the popularity of Mashhad rugs reached a point where they were used for export in addition to their domestic use;

The wool fibers used in these carpets were highly polished to better absorb the color, but this in turn reduced the life of the carpets, which presented a bad image of Mashhad rugs. So carpet exports to Europe had fallen sharply, unfortunately carpets from that time are also at risk of erosion …. Set carpet weaving date in Mashhad is Somewhat difficult. According to existing writings and documents, the oldest carpet of this city belongs to the era of Shah Abbas Safavid. According to the traditions and writings of this carpet by the order of Shah Abbas in Mashhad for the doorstep Ali bin Musa al-Reza. Cecil Edwards also wrote about this carpet and wrote a book about the carpet of Iran in his book. There is no specific information on how the carpet weaving from the Safavid period. One source is Schinler’s writings, the German expatriate who described Mashad.

Appearance Specifications

Design and color:

Plammette flower design with relatively thin and delicate stems are characteristic features of ancient designs in Mashhad.
They are very similar in structure to the original style of Herat’s original designs.
examples of them are still in use in Herat. Today, this method is especially used in Afshan design and Medallion design. A variety of flower design has been popular in Mashhad for many years. Saadi and Medallion designs are one of the special designs of south of Khorasan. Red garlic (cream red) jujube, cream, green, blue and red, varieties of brown are the main colors used in Mashad rug.

Raw materials are wool and cotton yarn as the only raw material. In Mashhad carpet weaving there is no skimp in raw materials therefore there is high durability and functionality. Some of famous carpets of Mashhad also use silk. Carpet dimensions are generally 6 square meters and 12 square meters, 15 square meters and even larger. but smaller dimensions are very rare and some carpets like Mashhad carpets are more than 100 square meters.

Texture Features

Reference: Most carpets in Mashhad have a number of knots ranging from 118 Kpsi to 161 Kpsi and in rare cases up to 210 Kpsi.

Type of warp winder: They use the famous Turkish method of warp winder. (It should be noted that this method is contemporary and the old method of warp winder was the same as the Persian one.)

The most important Mashad Persian rugs weaving centers in are:

Tariqaba, Shandiz, Zashk, Noghand, Jaghargh can be mentioned by famous professors: Mohammad Amvoghli, Alikhan Ammoghogli, Mohammad Ebrahim Makhmalbaf, Abbasgholi Saber, Haj Gholamreza Akhavan Saj ​, Alipour, Mirza Hassan.

Mashad Persian rugs have special features.

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