Koliai Persian Rugs

Koliai Persian Rugs

Koliai Persian rugs are beautiful rugs of Iran. We sell these Persian rugs  in our online shop. 

Koliai and Songhor Persian rugs are one of the most well known rugs of Songhur city.

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Sonqur or Songhor is a city in Kermanshah province. It is located 604 kilometers southwest of Tehran. The city is bounded on the north by Qorveh, on the east by Hamedan, on the south by Kermanshah, and on the west by Kamyaran and Sanandaj.

Songhor is 34 degrees 47 minutes north latitude and 47 degrees 36 minutes east longitude and is 1700 meters above sea level.

The city is located in a mountainous area and is often inhabited by farmers and ranchers. Currently, the nomadic tribes living in the area are semi-nomadic and their main occupation is livestock. Interesting and popular carpet weaving is one of the handicrafts of these nomads and the market for these carpets is Sankar.

Some Characteristics of Koliai Persian rugs are


The colors used in the carpets of this area are light colors and often red, blue, gold, brown, and camel colors.

The nomads living in this province make the colors of the carpets very interesting and beautiful.


The nomadic carpets are usually large rugs and sometimes very large rugs and are woven with dimensions of 220 × 120 cm and 180 x 280 cm.

The wefts and warp of these carpets are cotton and piles are wool with an asymmetrical knot. It is usually coarse woven.

Design and motifs:

The design of these carpets is more like a Bijar Persian carpet. Its motifs are Herati style, adorned with flowers and bird motifs of quadrupedal and eightfold birds, and the design of Herat’s armband.

One of the carpet markets in this region is Hamedan and these rugs are offered as Mosul rugs in these markets.

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