Khorasan Persian Rugs

Khorasan Persian rugs

Khorasan Persian rugs and Carpet weaving in Mashhad is about five centuries old; So that one of the oldest existing carpets of Khorasan is a type of prayer carpet (sajadah) that was gifted by Shah Tahmasab to Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in 1556. These carpets are made in three quality levels in the workshop of Sultan Ebrahim Mirza, the son of Sam Mirza, and the nephew of Shah Tahmasb.

Motifs of Khorasan Persian rugs


The motif of Shah Abbasi flowers along with relatively narrow and delicate stems is one of the special features of the old designs of Khorasan carpets, which in terms of structure is very similar to the specific style of the authentic designs of Herat, examples of which attributed to Herat still remain in our era. Even today, the use of this method can be seen especially in the designs of Afshan (all over) and Lakh and Taranj with inscription borders in the productions of Astan Quds Razavi Carpet Company, and various types of Golfarang designs have been popular in Mashhad for several years. Saadi’s Lakh and Tranj designs are also special designs of South Khorasan.

The most important carpet weaving centers in Mashhad include:

Among the most important centers of carpet weaving in Khorasan, we can mention Mashhad, Targhabeh, Shandiz, Zashk, Noghand, Jagharq, Derakhsh.


Rajshmar (KPSI): Most carpets of Mashhad have KPSI between 114 and 156 and in rare cases up to 203 . In some old examples such as the famous Amwaughli and Saber Tar rugs, higher KPSI can also be seen. Type of knot: Persian and Turkish knots are used, but the Persian knot is more common and older.

2. Shirazeh weaving: Until 50 years ago, the process of shirazeh weaving was done at the same time as weaving, but from then until today, after the completion of the carpet, shirazeh is woven into it. Its carpet weaving is Persian style. All types of carpets are vertical and fixed.

3. Type of chalekhesh: it is done in the famous Turkish way and on a carpet. (It should be noted that this method is contemporary and the old method of chalekshi was the Persian method.)

4. How to weft: All of them are double weft and are mainly in the group of woven carpets and have great stiffness and endurance.

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