Kashan Persian rugs

Kashan Persian rugs

Kashan Persian rugs are one of the most popular Persian rugs. 

Some features of Kashan Persian rugs as Oriental rugs are;

Design and motifs: Kashan carpet design is often known as Kashan design, for example:

Medallion design with the figure of small and large flowers;

Afshan Shah Abbasi, Sheikh Safi, Flower, Pictorial;

Frame design with different motifs in frames and inscriptions;

Glim and Zilo with Different designs: All of these motifs are adorned with slim and khaki lines and the rotating motion of these lines shows the rotation of the planets. Green and date plants and fertile trees and animals and birds are other motifs and carpets of this ancient wall known as Komai.

The numerous friezes of one and three and five layers of beautiful carpet cover the grounds, and the petals of flowers, slims and pots adorn the margins.

Dyeing and coloring: Kashan carpets use herbal dyes and these colors come from a variety of colors such as red seed, rhubarb, aspic, pomegranate peel, walnut skin, and grape leaves.

Lacquer, ivory, indigo, yellow, beige, light brown, cream, blue, navy, green, and a range of colors used in Kashan carpets made by native dyes.

Texture: Kashan carpet is woven with an asymmetric knot with two wefts. The number of knots in ordinary carpets is between 28 and 35 in 6.5 cm, and the polishing is done in weaving. Carpet looms in the city of Kashan are vertical and most of the weavers are women artists. Kashan carpet weaving is elaborate in every way, as long as weaving in silk weaving and carpet weaving are as sophisticated as other artists in the centers. Various Iranian carpets have always been considered.

Carpet Size: The carpet sizes of this city are among the most standard Iranian carpet sizes and are usually as follows:

Carpets in sizes 200 x 200 cm, 250 x 350 cm, 300 x 400 cm, and 350 x 500 x 500

Praying rug in sizes 156 × 104 cm and 130 220 220 cm

The side is 110 x 400 cm.

Raw Materials: Raw materials for carpets have always been imported from other areas, but Kashan people have artistic and industrial abilities in the process of processing materials such as spinning, silk and critique, carving, multi-lamination and making warp and weft and wool and yarn finishing skills were proficient. Kashan has long been the focus of the aforementioned materials trading.

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