Joshaghan Persian rugs

Joshaghan Persian rugs

Joshaghan Persian rugs are one of the most beautiful well known Persian rugs.

Some Characteristics of Joshaghan carpet:

Design and motif: The design of the carpet is so beautiful and different from other Persian rugs. It is different from other Persian rugs that its fans are enthusiastic about it and know it immediately after they see it. The design and motif of these carpets has not changed during years even with the close connection between the carpet weaving centers. Lozenge shape Medallion design  and Flower design and geometric design are among the characteristics of these  rugs. The design of the Joshaghan is also woven in the carpets of Tabriz, Harris, Hamedan, Arak, and Mahalat. 


The colors vary in the motifs and patterns of the carpets because the motifs are fine and tangled. The colors of these carpets have been herbal. People have used  grape leaves (yellow) and rhubarb (red and pink) for dyes.

Texture and size:

Relatively long piles, Persian knot, two weft, and fineness are indications of these carpets . Most Joshaghan carpets are woven in the size of 3 square meters , 6 square meters , and 12 square meters rugs. The hand weaving of this area is popular because of its durable texture and original design.

Raw Materials:

Cotton is imported from centers such as Isfahan and wool is either made from local sheep or imported.

Joshaghan and carpet weaving centers. This city has been one of the weaving carpet centers since the Safavid, 10th century. Meymeh, Nasrabad and Abu Zaidabad are also known for their carpet weaving. The texture and the carving of the carpets of Meymeh are finer than those of the other areas mentioned, and they are small carpet-sized and have short piles.

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